My Mission Statement

I believe that everyone has a unique, individual voice and strive to help each singer find and embrace their full potential. I believe that singing is a very personal art form, and strive to provide a healthy and nurturing learning environment for my students.

Voice Lessons


30 minute private voice lessons (weekly) - $30

30 minute private voice lessons (single) - $35

First lesson (trial) is only $15!

To schedule a lesson, contact Sarah at

Student Testimonials

"Sarah has the ability to transform
something ordinary to extravagant.
Through her teaching, my singing
abilities have increased exponentially, and I've been able to achieve beyond what I thought was possible." - Spencer B.

"Sarah is one of the best voice teachers I've worked with. She taught me how to be confident in my voice and always had tons of helpful tips and tricks to help me learn how to relax and be the best I could be! She is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful for the chance I had to work with her!" - Maddie H.

"Sarah is the most knowledgeable
instructor I’ve worked with. She has a way of making everything click and has SUCH a passion for teaching. She is absolutely incredible!" - Felicity S.

"Sarah always believed in me when when I didn't believe in myself! She made me feel so confident and that was the catalyst for me learning to do things I never thought that I could with singing! She is an incredible teacher. She really knows what she is doing!"
- Savannah P.